Rajiv Chopra | How My Brain Works Part One

How My Brain Works Part One

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

AbandonedAbandonedThis is old, abandoned concrete structure at the Pong Dam
Man and his creations!

I started my photographic journey using black and white film. In the early days I went down this path because I did not have the money to buy colour film, or the various cooling and warming filters that are required with colour film. It is, in some ways, simpler these days with the digital ability of adjust colour temperature in the camera, and also with the various RAW processing engines that exist in the market. 

The fact that I fell in love with black & white photography was possibly a part of destiny - the destiny that was to be mine. 

I learned how to manipulate the tones in the photography using yellow, orange, green, red filters. When I would look at a sky, I would always look at it and then wonder how it would look if I used a yellow versus red filter. 

The pre-visualisation was a necessary part of this exercise. 

A few years back, I switched to digital photography, and abandoned monochrome work. Yet, much though I tried to take myself out of monochrome work, I found that monochrome work did not take itself out of me. 

While I do some very good colour work, I continuously find myself returning to monochrome work. Not only that, I also find myself turning to concepts that are increasingly abstract, almost surreal. I will return to this theme later. 

For now, let me end with the statement that I find that my brain works best in monochrome and abstract concepts



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