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SilenceSilenceMost of the time, we forget the sound of silence.

Our photography style changes as we age. I know of some photographers who have a signature style. This is not something that I have yet managed to achieve. The reason for this, is that my style, and the way I process my images depends on my stage in life, and how I see the world, as well as how I would like to present the image. It does depend a lot on my mood at a particular point in time. 

To that extent, I have started to move away from having a documentary style of photography, to one that increasingly  represents my inner world. This does mean that I have abandoned the documentary style at all. It is just not something that I do all the time. 

It also means that I tend to gape at my images a lot before I process them. 

The image above is one that I shot at the Pong Dam, in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh in India. I had taken this image on a day that had turned cold, and wet in January of the year. The temperature was a bit below zero degrees Celsius. The first time I processed this image, I created a somewhat dull image, and I did this to reflect the mood that I was in, and what I felt when I shot the image. 

A few days back, when I looked at the image again, I saw it in a completely different light. This time around, I was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's work - "Silence: A Fable". This is what I wanted to reflect. Accordingly, I stripped the image of what colour and saturation it had, made it high key, and added just a tiny bit of fog to an already misty image. 

The pristine white represented the silence that we often run from. We create noise in our lives, and we shout to be heard. 

Why do we fear silence? 


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